The Belgian biopharmaceutical sector - A front runner in the competitive European biopharmaceutical landscape

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The importance of the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector in Europe

Our latest figures demonstrate the important role of the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector in Europe. This became extra clear during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the Belgian biopharmaceutical sector really stepped up. Indeed, in every essential aspect of the biopharmaceutical value chain, from R&D and clinical trials to production, logistics and exports, Belgium holds a strong position. This is thanks to Belgium’s unique combination of a well developed ecosystem, a highly skilled workforce, and a well established collaboration with public authorities and research centers. This position must not be taken for granted, however. The benefits of our strong biopharmaceutical sector are clear, both from a healthcare and an economic point of view. Other countries envy Belgium for this and show increasing ambitions to take over this leading role. That is why emphasizes the need for sustained and even heightened support, to strengthen our leading position in the coming years. Through close collaboration between the biopharmaceutical sector, researchers, scientific institutions, public authorities, related industry sectors and stakeholders, we can achieve remarkable results.

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