Hoyng Rokh Monegier

Nervierslaan 9-31
4e verdieping
1040 Brussel

+32 (0)2 740 00 00
+32 (0)2 740 00 01

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER is a law firm located in 5 European countries, specialized in all areas of intellectual property and pharmaceutical regulatory services.

What sets us apart is a very strong and experienced patent practice, with expertise in leading blockbuster pharmaceutical patent cases and in pioneering biotech cases and medical device litigation proceedings, combined with a top notch pharmaceutical regulatory practice.

More than 50 Pharma.be members active in the pharmaceutical industry, animal healthcare as well as manufacturers and distributors of food supplements have regularly relied on our lawyers’ services the past 5 years.

Liesbeth Weynants
Nervierslaan 9-31 Avenue des Nerviëns, 1040 Brussels
T 02 740 00 63
e-mail: liesbeth.weynants@hoyngrokh.com

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