Pharma Figures 2016 : Belgium, a growing pharmaceutical hub

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2016 was again a successful year for the pharmaceutical sector in Belgium. Read about the latest employment, R&D and export figures in our latest 'Pharma Figures' brochure.

Belgium reinforced its position as a leading world player in the field of pharmaceutical development and production, employing 35,250 people in the sector. In 2016, 552 new jobs were created, with almost half of these in R&D. Investment in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry was also at a high : 2.89 billion euros in 2016. That is an increase of 11.6 % compared to the previous year.

The record export figures for 2015 in the pharmaceutical industry were practically matched in 2016 with 40.7 billion euros. The sector accounts for more than one-tenth (11.3 %) of all Belgian export. The strong pharma figures in 2016 underline the growing importance of the sector for the Belgian economy.

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