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Who is Axes Health?

Axes Health consists of an engaged team of professionals, with a proven track record in innovative healthcare. We can rely on a unique combination of skills, thanks to our profound expertise in medical, marketing, sales and especially market access.

What can Axes Health offer you?

Our mission is to help patients in getting access to the innovative healthcare solutions they merit.

Our added value is to provide support to bio-pharmaceutical companies towards sustainable and value-based access solutions for their innovation, and this towards all stakeholders.

What does this mean in practice?

Below are some concrete examples of what a collaboration with Axes Health could deliver.

This is a non-exhaustive list. Your innovation is unique and so is our approach towards your needs and solutions.

  • Understand, test-case and communicate the value of your innovation with multi-stakeholders

1.Early dialogues with key stakeholders to gain insights about their needs and to co-create solutions

2.Communication of the value story of your innovation to relevant audience (payers, HCP,…)

  • Innovative, Value-based Market Access

1.Co-creation of Patient Access Strategy, including:

a.Early Access Programs (Compassionate Use / Medical Need)

b.Innovative contracting solutions

2.Organisation of mock negotiations to test-case different strategies

3.Writing of Pricing and Reimbursement Dossier according to legal requirements

4.Follow up of pricing & reimbursement procedure and post-reimbursement commitments with competent authorities

  • Real world evidence (RWE)

1.Design and development of a RWE plan

2.Analysis and reporting of phase IV studies including RWE data

  • Development of your own market access department

Mentoring of (junior) Market Access professionals in their development towards senior positions.

What do we stand for?

We valid how we perform at least as important as what we perform.

That’s why you will find integrityengagement, drive and open dialogue on top of our value list. This is the way we aim to work with you as a customer as well as with our external stakeholders.

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