CIB Conference

Le Grand Salon Herman Teirlinckplein 4 - 1650 Beersel

Companies are being flooded with tsunamis of data collected in a multi-channel business environment, leaving an untapped potential for analytics to better understand, manage and strategically exploit the complex dynamics of customer behavior. In this presentation, a bird's eye overview of the analytics process model will be provided, followed by an illustration of how to fully unleash its power through some example settings.

Data will be reviewed as the key ingredient of any analytical model and the ways to measure its quality will be discussed. Key requirements of good analytical models (e.g. statistical validity, interpretability, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance etc.) and emerging applications will also be reviewed. Throughout the presentation, the speaker will extensively report upon his research and industry experience in the field.


Bart Baesens, Professor in Big Data & Analytics, K.U.Leuven