Belgische farma in Europa


Belgium: an innovative pharma valley in Europe

The (bio)pharmaceutical sector lives and thrives on innovation. The 739,499 employees in the European (bio)pharmaceutical industry work every day to find new medicinal products and treatments to provide new solutions to patients. The figures you will discover in this brochure demonstrate that Belgium occupies a very special position. In 2018, (bio)pharmaceutical companies invested for a total of 3.6 billion Euros in R&D in the country and created additional jobs for researchers in their research units. Thanks to these investments, Belgium accounts for 12.5 percent of the total (bio) pharmaceutical R&D-investments in the European Union. When the number of inhabitants is taken into account, Belgium comes first with regard to the (bio)pharmaceutical R&D investments, 2nd with regard to export of (bio)pharmaceutical medicines, 3rd with regard to the number of R&D researchers employed and 4th with regard to the total number of people that are employed by the (bio)pharmaceutical companies. For the development of new medicinal products and treatments, Belgium is systematically among the top three countries in the number of clinical trial applications per million inhabitants. This is yet another indicator of the vitality of our sector.

Belgium, stronger and stronger each year

To preserve and even reinforce its solid position in (bio)pharmaceutical research and production, Belgium has also adopted a unique tool in Europe: “the (bio) pharmaceutical industry observatory”, which was installed in September 2018. Designed to be a real-life control board, it brings together all indicators (scientific, economic, fiscal, etc.) and is able to measure the country’s appeal in terms of R&D and to issue recommendations. The vibrancy of our sector is striking and illustrates our commit to stand by patients. The Belgian (bio)pharmaceutical industry is an essential partner of medical progress and science in Europe.

Catherine Rutten